10% in 2014

Economic Recovery Program

10%in2014 is a community-wide grassroots movement of citizens, businesses, and non-profit organizations that agree to shift 10% or more of their own annual spending from non-locally owned businesses to locally owned businesses.
This modest but important change will result in a larger share of dollars spent staying in our region, creating an economic multiplier that supports thousands of new jobs and spurs a fundamental transformation of our Economy.

This 10%in2014 program has a potential positive annual economic impact of
$350,000,000*($350 MILLION) in the RenoSparks area.
(* numbers modified from a study CIVIC Economics and plus the buy local economic multiplier effect)

Consider a locally owned business before spending ANY/ALL money. By changing our purchasing behavior and shifting 10% of our annual spending to Local Independent Businesses we can help build a strong local economy, and we can do it now.