10% in 2017

Buy Local = Jobs! Economic Recovery Program

1. We created an FREE online directory (phone book) offering a FREE listing to all Nevada Based ~ Locally Owned Businesses.  We advertise and market this directory to the public to help them identify Nevada Based ~ Locally Owned businesses when making purchase decisions.
2. We help educate consumers, business owners and government purchasing depts.  how “Choosing Nevada Based - Locally Owned First” when making purchase decisions benefits our entire community and state by creating LOCAL jobs.
3. Launch a “10% SHIFT in 2017” - “Buy Nevada First” campaign.
4. Offer the latest internet marketing tools and social media help to Nevada Based Businesses, to better compete with chains and franchises on smartphones and tablets. These tools are designed to help create more sales using the latest internet marketing strategies.
5. Unite and link to Community Leaders and assist them in creating a resilient, vibrant, sustainable community with one easily accessible program at www.BuyNevadaFirst.com. 
6. Introduce the Buy Nevada First Gift Shop & Visitors Center offering a place for Nevada Businesses to retail their products to the public. 
7. Offer affordable retail space for rent to Nevada Based Businesses in the new Nevada Marketplace.  A one stop Nevada Based Business retail products outlet in the beautiful Reno Town Mall.​

is a community-wide grassroots movement of citizens, businesses, and non-profit organizations that agree to shift as much of their own annual spending from non-locally owned businesses to Nevada Based - Locally Owned Businesses.
This modest but important change will result in a larger share of dollars spent staying in our region, creating an economic multiplier that supports thousands of new jobs and spurs a fundamental transformation of our Economy.

This 10%in2017 program has a potential positive annual economic impact of
$350,000,000*($350 MILLION) in the RenoSparks area.
(* numbers modified from a study CIVIC Economics and www.10Percent.org plus the buy local economic multiplier effect)

Consider a Nevada Based - Locally Owned business before spending ANY/ALL money. By changing our purchasing behavior and shifting 10% of our annual spending to Local Independent Businesses we can help build a strong local economy, and we can do it now.