Nevada Green Business Chamber

Mission: Help to develop and promote local eco-conscious, forward thinking businesses by providing a forum to learn about, connect and grow sustainable commerce in Nevada.

Going Green Pledge

The object is to support the promotion of a healthy environment. Before members are allowed to participate in the Green Business Chamber of Commerce, they must pledge to do the following at their business or organization:
  • Comply with all business regulations
  • Conserve energy and other valuable resources
  • Implement procedures to reduce pollution and waste
  • Be environmentally and socially responsible within their community
  • Constantly work to improve treatment of humans, the conservation of resources and reduction of waste

5 steps to sustainability

The path to sustainability will not be an easy one. However, if each of us starts with small steps, the cumulative effects will be amazing. Each member business of the Nevada Green Business Chamber will have different sacrifices and investments in time and money needed to achieve sustainability. 
Every member business of the Nevada Green Business Chamber will follow five important steps towards reaching sustainability.  
1) Take Nevada Green Business Chamber member pledge. 
2) Conduct energy audit. 
3) Undergo and practice energy conservation, efficiency retrofit (s). 
4) Each member business is encouraged to foster it’s own eco-conscious culture. Each employee becomes a stakeholder in the sustainability goal. Everyone contributes to the solution. 
5) Continue to develop and implement business sustainability through energy efficiency, supply chain analysis, business philosophy. 
Every member will have a voice on the Nevada Green Business Chamber board. Each business will develop a perspective and knowledge that is often unique on the path to sustainability-we want to hear from our member businesses and value their insight. 


The Nevada Green Business Chamber will provide a forum, meeting place to exchange ideas and to build a new network of businesses both large and small that adhere to a new philosophy that true sustainability puts the health of our environment and community above profits as the driving force of business in the twenty-first century. 
The focus of the twenty-first century needs to revolve around sustainability and efficiency in everything that we do. Population is putting pressure on the Earth’s resources at an alarming rate. We have for the most part not been keenly aware of this in the Western world. Petroleum fuel and by-products are such an integral part of the products we consume daily, but we rarely stop to ponder about the environmental costs, where and how much of this fuel is used to manufacture and deliver products to our supermarkets, stores, door. 
Buy Nevada and the Nevada Green Business Chamber are closely allied because buying locally and developing sustainability are so closely tied together. 
Join us at the Nevada Green Business Chamber so that we can embark on this path to forming a new business model and achieve sustainability together!