Local Animal Welfare Resources
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A vibrant, thriving, sustainable community includes healthy animals and pets!

Community Cats (spay and neuter feral cats only) 775.720.8067

Divine Felines Purebred Rescue,

Feline Rescue Of Northern Nevada, 775.544.4475

Kukuis Alii Animal Rescue, Dayton 775.671.0176 or

Pet Pals of Reno, Chuck or Pat 775.747.5940

Plumas Animal Welfare Society, 530.283.5433 or

The Judy Project, Dayton, NV 775.246.0659


ABC Rescue, Aussie Border Collie Rescue, Clint 775.843.4314

Afghan Hound Rescue, Michele Attaway 775.787.8748

Auntie Renee’s Munchkins, Renee Cariglia 775.750.0265

Beagle Rescue, Connie Gomez 775.246.7977

Bonanza Kennel Club, Joan Newman 775.887.8822

Bearded Collies and Schipperkes, Jana Dozet 775.972.6555

Boston Terriers, Robbie Cetina 775.577.2157

Boxers and Buddies, 877.233.5738

Brittany Rescue, PJ Wangsness, 775.828.0748 www.dogtrainingbypj.coml

Bulldog Club of America, Patti Hawkinson 775.972.6497

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescue, Linda Anderson 775.867.KENL

Chihuahua Rescue, PJ Wangsness, 775.828.0748

Chihuahua and Small Breed Rescue, Lesley Harger 775.997.3600 or
Collie Rescue (purebred “Lassie” dogs only), DeAnne LaCruze 775.747.4534 or

Companion Dogs, Carol Reichman 775.853.2400

Doberman Rescue, Loneagle Dobermans 775.425.3157

Dog Town Canine Rescue, 775.230.3703

German Shepherd Rescue, Doris Estabrook 775.265.1703
or Cindra Smith 775.849.9301

German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley, 916.655.3125

German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue, Cindy Smullen 775.849.2920

Great Dane Rescue of Northern California

Jack Russel Terriers Michael Williams, 775.287.4117

Newfoundland Health & Rescue June Gibson 530.676.4545

NNV Shiba Inu Rescue, Jack Owens, 775.322.5400

NV Greyhounds Unltd., Gay Johnson, 775.577.2414

Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Sheila (Reno) 775.425.4070
or Connie (Fernley) 775.835.8488

Papillons, Shelties, Belgian Tervurens, Carolyn Goepner 775.849.1102

PugSavers, Rocklin, CA, 916.484.5004

Reno Kennel Club-Bull Mastiff Rescue 775.321.4265

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue, 415.451.7175

Saints of the West, St. Bernard Rescue, Ken or Lori Juenke 775.475.0420

SW Airedale Terrier Rescue Network, Rusty LaFrance 800.688.1402

Vizsla Dog Rescue, Christine Hotz 775.677.9773

Weimaraner Rescue, Arlene Marshrey 775.972.7804 or Sarah Chvilicek 775.972.5447

Westie Rescue of Northern Nevada, Rory Litch 775.575.6071

Yorkie Rescue (UYR), Doreine, 775.626.7342


Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates, Sheila, 775.782.6128

BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program, Susie Stokke 775.861.6623

High Desert Equine Rescue 775.671.0268

Lucky Horse Rehabilitation Project, Shirley Allen, 775.246.7636

Nevada Commission for the Preservation of Wild Horses and Burros 775.849.3625

Nevada Department of Agriculture, George 775.848.2187

The Wild Horse Rescue Center, Cindy Lawrence, 775.853.4182

Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association (wild horses) 775.881.2288

Wild Horse Spirit (Mustangs), Bobbi Royle, 775.883.5488


Animal House Shelter & Sanctuary, dog & cat rescue 775.340.5884
or 775.777.8233

Best Friends Animal Society, Julie Snyder, 435.644.2001

Churchill Animal Protection Society (CAPS),775.423.7500

CockadoodleMoo, a farm animal sanctuary

Dayton Valley Wildlife Restop, Evelyn Pickles 775.246.0470

Douglas Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), 775.267.7325

Exotic Birds, Ramona McClure 775.841.0969

Fallon, City of, Animal Shelter 775.423.2282

Feeding Pets of the Homeless, Genevieva, 775.841.7463

Fernley, City of, Animal Control 775.784.9801

Ferrets with Soul(e) Rescue/Shelter Linda Soule, 775-265-6744

(FOCCAS) Friends of Castaway Companions Animal Shelter, 775.625.4356 or

For Pets’ Sake, Sara Petersen, 775.852.7111

Phunny Pharm - Farm animal rescue 530.827.3282

High Sierra Animal Rescue, 530.832.4727

Humane Society of Tahoe-Truckee, 530.587.0667

Lake Tahoe Humane Society, 530.542.2857

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Cheryl or Tom Millham 530.577.2273

Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue, 775.833.2066

Nevada Humane Society 775.856.2000

Northern Nevada Ferret Network, Char Escalanti 775 224 0295

Palomino Valley Pet Rescue, 775.358.5527

Pet Network Animal Friends, Incline, NV (companion animals) 775.832.4404

Prairie Dog Town Rescue, Dani 775.772.2357

Reno Tur-Toise Club, Darlene Pond or Cheryl Darnell 775.972.8532

Saved by the Belle Rescue Animal Services & Transportation,
Sherry da Roza 530.368.6471

Shakespeare Animal Fund, Jennifer Webb, 775.342.7040

Silver Springs Spay/Neuter Project, Lee Blomquist 775.577.3518

SPCA of Northern Nevada (dogs and cats), 775.324.7773

U.S. Wolf Refuge 775.475.0510 or

Washoe County Regional Animal Services, 775.353.8900

Wild Animal Infirmary for Nevada (WAIF), Nancy Laird 775.849.0345

Wildlife Rescue Foundation

Willows Change, 775.971.9547

Wind & Willows Ferret Rescue & Hospice, Lisa Watson,

Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation (WARF), 775.833.2319

Thank You to Pet Folio Magazine for providing this list.