Housing & Mortgages for Hispanics:
Purpose of this Guide
This guide will help Hispanic homebuyers to better understand the home buying process.
After evaluating this guide, readers will have a better understanding of the general home buying process:
  • Common misconceptions that the real estate industry has about Hispanic homebuyers.
  • How to find a real estate professional who understands a Hispanic hombuyer’s needs.
  • How to find out about available grants and programs.
NNHRA offers multiple opportunities throughout the year. We offer monthly meetings with speakers presenting timely information on the latest issues. Our monthly meetings include legal and legislative updates. We offer a biannual legislative conference, HRCI certification groups, access to job postings, a quarterly newsletter, workshops, and a diversity conference. We organize and participate in the Best Places to Work collaborative effort, which benefits Northern Nevada businesses by taking the pulse of their employees. We recognize our volunteers with a Volunteer Appreciation event. In addition, we give back to the community through our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters. And networking opportunities are limitless.
the Northern Nevada International Center;
The Northern Nevada International Center – the NNIC for short – fosters the role of citizen diplomacy in building bridges of international awareness and understanding, through programs of international exchange and community and educational outreach, in order to promote the equality of all peoples.
Nevada Hispanic Services — the leading non-profit agency in Northern Nevada serving the Hispanic population —. Since NHS was founded in 1975, the Hispanic population has tripled in Northern Nevada, making the Hispanic community the state's largest minority group. It is expected that by the year 2025, one out of every four Nevadans will be Hispanic. So the community served by NHS is continually growing.Mission:To identify and address the needs of the Hispanic community through direct service, education, advocacy and community involvement.
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