Thanks To
*Richard Flyer started the first Local directory with the Conscious Community Network. Think tank participant; “wants local business owners to work with other local business owners to source goods and supplies as much as possible.”
*Terry Whistler from Whistler Creative, think tank participant; “Add our logo to other current local advertising to promote this directory.”
*Steve Funk from Charter Communications, think tank participant, Marketing Ideas, meeting host.
*Edward Estipona from Estipona Group advertising, think tank participant; “local franchise and local box stores have a place in the community and online out of state shopping is the worst choice for purchasing.”
*David Wirth, first web site designer, major time donor.
*Stan White of Access to his large local directory and beautiful local photographs.
More help for our Local directory came from your local chamber organization with access to their member list of local business owners, other online sources like yahoo and google.
*Manny Becerra at PACE Media for consulting and web ideas.
*Autumn Taylor ( for web site assistance.

*All of the “building block” community leaders.

*Sam Azam and dAutomation for software guidance and support.

Thanks to my Dad for helping to back this project.
Thanks to my in-laws Tom and Judy for making sure we had plenty to eat.
Special thanks to my wife Beth for supporting me while I launched this project.